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Florida Public Adjusters -- Consumer Advocates Helping Policyholders
All Claim Solutions is a team of licensed Florida public adjusters who are committed to helping policyholders in the state of Florida with their property insurance claims. Unlike your insurance company's claims adjusters, we work for YOU.

This is an important difference -- one that could benefit you financially. In Florida, public adjusters serve the general public rather than insurance companies. We help you with your insurance claim with a goal of getting the highest possible settlement based on your actual losses.

Why Work with Florida Public Adjusters?
Insurance company adjusters don't necessarily share this goal. It's not their responsibility. In fact, proving your losses is your responsibility; the insurance company simply wants to make sure that whatever you are claiming has been lost is a valid claim. Thus, if you fail to claim a storm-damaged roof, for example, it's not really the insurance adjuster's job to go up on your roof to see if there might possibly be some storm damage you didn't mention.

If you want to make sure that all of your losses are found and claimed, it's in your best interest to get one of our Florida public adjusters on the job. We make it our responsibility to find every possible loss. Where your insurance company adjuster may have visited your property and taken a few photos and notes, we'll scour it in search of every potential loss. 

Our top priorities are to:
. Discover all of your covered insurance losses
. Prove those losses are valid
. Properly value your losses so that you are fully compensated
. Get you the largest settlement possible based on your policy and losses

Complete Florida Insurance Claim Management
All Claim Solutions takes over and manages your entire claim from start to finish. Not only can you rest easy knowing that we're working to maximize your claim, you can also rest. That's right, we do everything so you can focus on other matters like attending to your family or business.

Learn more about Florida public adjusters by exploring our website and then contact us to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.